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2020 DIFA Animations & Animators

May we present to you, the animations and animators of the 5th annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (in screening order):

“La Pesadilla” – MCR/Electric Otto (2019 Michigan 0:32)
Lema: “¡Sueños malos!”

“Frog Dog Log” – Jared D. Weiss (2018 California 2:34)
A film about a film about a frog, a dog, and a log.

“Blue Note” – David Donar (2018 South Carolina 2:40)
A guitarist finds inspiration from above.

“Hungry” – Yaou Chen (2019 California 2:39)
A T-rex is starving in the desert and looking for food.

“Dump and Restore” – Oded Hesseg (2019 Israel 2:33)
While a creature built out of junk comes to life, the child must decide whether to listen to him or follow the advice of his former friend.

“Lumens” – Manuel Moreno Lee (2019 New York 5:30)
In a land where the sun has disappeared, a young woman embarks on a quest.

“A Dog By Your Side” – Selina Wagner (2019 United Kingdom 1:58)
A montage of a woman’s life with a dog always by her side.

“Waiting By The Phone” – Olivia Jensen (2019 Illinois 3:35)
As one woman living in an apartment for two, Dani struggles to live while coping with the tragic truth about her sister

“The Flat” – Lev Voloshin (2019 Moldova, Republic of 1:00)
The journey of trash on the planet and the final destination of garbage.

“Criss Cross” – Caroline Hamann, Fritz Penzlin (2020 Germany 7:30)
An unfortunate chain of events motivates a couple in love to try and defy the obstacles between them.

“The Insignificant Fantasies in the Cracks of Daily Life” – Yumeng Xi (2019 United Kingdom 2:09)
A boy jumps into the exit of the tunnel in order to escape from people. ‘Cured’ by a kiss, things begin to change…

“Boxes for Rox” – Chelsey Raegen Knapp (2019 Michigan 4:54)
Awareness is the first step.

“Calls for Archie” – Zach Christy (2019 California 4:35)
A man gets mysterious calls for years and tries to understand why.

– – – INTERMISSION – – –

“The Glowing Wrath (Shortcut to Heck)” – Isaias Zai Gallardo (2019 USA 0:39)
On Halloween night, a candy corn takes a shortcut on its way home through a forest, and encounters an evil, glowing entity.

“Frog Dog Log: Live à Laval” – Jared D. Weiss (2019 California 2:46)
Dog attempts to sleep in the hills of Laval, Québec, Canada.

“Going Home” – Tom Denney (2019 United Kingdom 5:47)
A mother leaves hospital with her newborn baby to discover the world is about to end.

“Inhale/Exhale” – Neely Goniodsky (2018 Washington 1:00)
An attempt to follow a breathing exercise which turns into a nightmare.

“Winter’s Blight” – Claire Campbell (2019 New Zealand 13:55)
An elderly man lives alone in an isolated hut in New Zealand. Spring should have arrived but winter will not relent and he must cut down the one remaining tree.

“Wind” – Dana Sink (2019 Pennsylvania 1:53)
An exploration of movement and meaning.

“Critical Update” – Brogan Jones (2019 United Kingdom 5:50)
In a future where everyone is constantly plugged in, the lines between what is real and important in life and what is not have become blurred.

“Streets of Fury” – Aidan McAteer (2019 Ireland 5:00)
Max Punchface is only interested in two things – punching and kicking. His life takes a strange twist when he opens a portal to the peaceful world of Sheepland.

“Go! Go!” – Patradol Kitcharoen (2019 California 4:39)
Aaron the alligator, who lives his entire life in a tank in an animal theme park, is fascinated by the fireworks that are displayed in the park every night and dreams to see the fireworks up close.

5th annual Detroit International Festival of Animation
Fri April 03 & 04 2020 – Free Online Streaming

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