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May we present to you, the animations and animators of the 9th annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (in screening order):

(2023 Michigan 0:00:49)
Bad Energy will make you Want to Rip your Face Off!

“A Fable” – Ky Burr, David Castellano-Miller, Brendan Connell, John D Martin
(2023 Michigan 0:01:52)
A short tale about a kingdom that desires an immortal king. Made in 48 hours by students at College for Creative Studies.

“Coleslaw Crisis” – Cam Whipple
(2023 Georgia 0:02:30)
When a celestial star demands coleslaw, only one man is brave enough to serve this disgusting side dish.

“Froghoppers” – Sophie Osinski, Louie Corrons
(2023 United Kingdom 0:01:52)
Two kids bond on a rainy day after missing the bus to school.

“Leaf Control” – Tom Eaton
(2023 New York 0:02:34)
Two city neighbors engage in a yard-care rivalry.

“Dying to Defrost” – Heather Ann Abeyasekera
(2022 Singapore 0:03:53)
This poor vampire has lived through the centuries, freezing down to the marrow! She’s at the end of her tether and she’s had enough. She’s gonna do whatever it takes to feel the warmth on her skin, or it’ll be the death of her, AGAIN!!

“Dracula’s Super Scary Halloween” – Kevin Maher, Joe Dator
(2023 New York 0:05:24)
A new take on the Dracula story, combining horror and comedy. Rendered in pen and ink, in a crosshatched style reminiscent of Edward Gorey and Charles Addams. This Halloween tale delivers laughs and chills for monster kids of all ages.

“Broomsticks on Broadway” – Gordon Howie
(2024 United Kingdom 0:05:12)
In this whimsical short animated musical, Fellinda Cauldron is inspired by the moon to make a magical dancing potion. Can she over come her doubts and complete her bubbling brew? Broomsticks on Broadway celebrates the joyful aspects of the creative process; paying homage to MGM musicals and old Hollywood glamour with a spooky twist.

“ODDBODY” – Amber Wolf
(2023 New York 0:03:55)
Oddbody the clown begins a new relationship, but fears what could happen if Gowy gets too close and sees what they truly are

“SLEEP MODE” – Emmet Zabor
(2023 Michigan 0:04:12)
A little robot must arrive at his destination before his timer runs out.

“White Noise” – TJ LaLonde
(2023 Vermont 0:01:14)
“White Noise” is a student animated short which follows an excerpt of a personal poem about insomnia, rain, and baby birds. It is animated in a white-on-black, hand-drawn style.

“Missing or Incomplete” – Tamara Anna Finlay
(2024 Michigan 0:00:34)
A stop motion short that depicts what it feels like to be an undiagnosed ADHD girl on report card day in the 80s. Meant to highlight the chronic criticism experienced and internalized by neurodivergent women

“Exposed” – Chloe Dauchez
(2023 Canada 0:01:29)
For the first time, the poise of a live model is shaken by laughs that induce a feeling of deep anxiety. Alone and vulnerable on stage, she feels like fleeing is the only way to escape her fears. This short movie approaches the topics of self-confidence and the way people look at and judge the aging body.

“moonset crow cry” – huifu ling
(2023 China 0:02:49)
On the rivers in the east, accompanied by a large number of crows, a Western boat drifted in with a girl with golden hair inside

“Tough Love” – Anastasiya Stoeva, Elena Vasileva
(2023 Bulgaria 0:01:00)
The tension between two characters goes in an unexpected direction. Sometimes we learn the hard way that opposites really do attract.

“Head in the Clouds” – Kamilla Julia Kostrubiec
(2023 Michigan 0:03:31)
Young girl Cira has a love for clouds wants to get up close with one to get back at her enemy, Timothy.

“Horsegirl” – AP “Pinkie” Davis
(2023 Colorado 0:01:00)
Animated comedy short “Horsegirl” by AP “Pinkie” Davis (best known for contributions to SpongeBob Squarepants) puts you in the saddle of a kid’s TV show focus group!

“Fire Flower” – Stephan Leeper
(2019 Michigan 0:06:00)
A nun, four orphans and a glitchy robot on a quest for beauty. . . what could possibly go wrong?

— Intermission with Wurlitzer Pipe Organ —

“The West Warren Chicken Sandwich Monster” – MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO
(2023 Michigan 0:00:51)
A Detroit Fried Chicken Sammich will change your life Forever. Really.

(2023 Korea, Republic of 0:02:49)
The man waited patiently in the darkness. When the long-awaited white phone began to ring loudly, he hurried to pick up the receiver. However, answering the phone was not so simple, as the gatekeeper vehemently refused to let the man through.

“The Boy and the Crow” – Tudor Om
(2023 Romania 0:02:49)
The crow swallows the boy’s blood of its beak. The boy has only one choice: run or face his fears.

“Onward Ye Costumed Souls” – Patrick Smith
(2024 New York 0:05:00)
Thy back shall be broken, thy soul shall be enslaved, and thou shall assume, nay inherit, the role of tyrant.

“End of the Line” – Marc Salvatore Lajoie
(2023 Canada 0:04:50)
Taylor is faced with her anxiety in a larger than life way; will she overcome it or reach the end of the line?

“SymBionic” – Jack Tenbusch
(2021 Illinois 0:06:02)
After clipping her wing on a robotic facility antenna, a Songbird forms an unlikely symbiotic relationship with the robot she inadvertently creates.

“Lonely” – Filipe Consoni
(2023 Brazil 0:04:04)
Lonely follows the story of a nameless character struggling through her day-to-day feelings of loneliness and isolation with a dreamlike solitude that draws one in. As she’s on the edge of giving up, something unexpected happens.

“Whale Fall” – Bronte Higgs
(2023 United Kingdom 0:05:22)
Whale Fall is a 2D animated short about the strange creatures that inhabit the bones of a whale, deep in the ocean. It explores the narrative of life from death through this mysterious ecosystem.

“Cornucopia” – Ani Antonova, Dimiter Ovtcharov
(2022 Austria 0:07:49)
A man wanders in constant search and pursuit, driven by the longing for a magical cornucopia. His vicissitudes are brought to life on an ancient vase’s surface.

“FORAGE” – Carolyn Gair
(2023 California 0:07:29)
Zip is an intrepid “rustbot” in a world of found-objects come-to-life. Zip explores the vast expanses of a cluttered and long-abandoned attic, foraging for treasures to decorate their home and hopefully make a friend along the way. When a thieving mouse steals a particularly rare find, Zip drops everything to go on the chase and retrieve it, facing unexpected dangers along the way.

“The Mini-Adventures of Mega Pup: Fire!” – Nick Fulfaro
(2024 California 0:02:30)
Mega Pup, a super-powered puppy, must save his little sister Baby Cat from certain, fiery doom. He’s the only dog for the job – and he’ll look cute doing it!

Detroit International Festival of Animation 9

🎞️ DIFA 9
🗓️ Saturday, April 6th, 2024
🕖 Doors 7pm, Pre-show 7:30pm, Showtime 8pm
🎟️ Tickets $10, advance or at the door
📍 Senate Theater, 6424 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48210

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