Below is an archive of past animations and animators featured at the Detroit International Festival of Animation.  Click the links to view the films online, where available.  You may also watch a few of them on the DIFA Vimeo Film Channel.

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2020 DIFA Animation Schedule

“La Pesadilla” – MCR/Electric Otto (2019 Michigan 0:32)
Lema: “¡Sueños malos!”

“Frog Dog Log” – Jared D. Weiss (2018 California 2:34)
A film about a film about a frog, a dog, and a log.

“Blue Note” – David Donar (2018 South Carolina 2:40)
A guitarist finds inspiration from above.

“Hungry” – Yaou Chen (2019 California 2:39)
A T-rex is starving in the desert and looking for food.

“Dump and Restore” – Oded Hesseg (2019 Israel 2:33)
While a creature built out of junk comes to life, the child must decide whether to listen to him or follow the advice of his former friend.

“Lumens” – Manuel Moreno Lee (2019 New York 5:30)
In a land where the sun has disappeared, a young woman embarks on a quest.

“A Dog By Your Side” – Selina Wagner (2019 United Kingdom 1:58)
A montage of a woman’s life with a dog always by her side.

“Waiting By The Phone” – Olivia Jensen (2019 Illinois 3:35)
As one woman living in an apartment for two, Dani struggles to live while coping with the tragic truth about her sister

“The Flat” – Lev Voloshin (2019 Moldova, Republic of 1:00)
The journey of trash on the planet and the final destination of garbage.

“Criss Cross” – Caroline Hamann, Fritz Penzlin (2020 Germany 7:30)
An unfortunate chain of events motivates a couple in love to try and defy the obstacles between them.

“The Insignificant Fantasies in the Cracks of Daily Life” – Yumeng Xi (2019 United Kingdom 2:09)
A boy jumps into the exit of the tunnel in order to escape from people. ‘Cured’ by a kiss, things begin to change…

“Boxes for Rox” – Chelsey Raegen Knapp (2019 Michigan 4:54)
Awareness is the first step.

“Calls for Archie” – Zach Christy (2019 California 4:35)
A man gets mysterious calls for years and tries to understand why.

– – – INTERMISSION – – –

“The Glowing Wrath (Shortcut to Heck)” – Isaias Zai Gallardo (2019 USA 0:39)
On Halloween night, a candy corn takes a shortcut on its way home through a forest, and encounters an evil, glowing entity.

“Frog Dog Log: Live à Laval” – Jared D. Weiss (2019 California 2:46)
Dog attempts to sleep in the hills of Laval, Québec, Canada.

“Going Home” – Tom Denney (2019 United Kingdom 5:47)
A mother leaves hospital with her newborn baby to discover the world is about to end.

“Inhale/Exhale” – Neely Goniodsky (2018 Washington 1:00)
An attempt to follow a breathing exercise which turns into a nightmare.

“Winter’s Blight” – Claire Campbell (2019 New Zealand 13:55)
An elderly man lives alone in an isolated hut in New Zealand. Spring should have arrived but winter will not relent and he must cut down the one remaining tree.

“Wind” – Dana Sink (2019 Pennsylvania 1:53)
An exploration of movement and meaning.

“Critical Update” – Brogan Jones (2019 United Kingdom 5:50)
In a future where everyone is constantly plugged in, the lines between what is real and important in life and what is not have become blurred.

“Streets of Fury” – Aidan McAteer (2019 Ireland 5:00)
Max Punchface is only interested in two things – punching and kicking. His life takes a strange twist when he opens a portal to the peaceful world of Sheepland.

“Go! Go!” – Patradol Kitcharoen (2019 California 4:39)
Aaron the alligator, who lives his entire life in a tank in an animal theme park, is fascinated by the fireworks that are displayed in the park every night and dreams to see the fireworks up close.

2019 DIFA Animation Schedule

“Black Forehead Fatface” – MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO (2018 Michigan 0:45)
Mind Power Black Forehead! Shut Up to the Fatfaces!

“Purrsonnel” – Shayla Stokes (2018 Canada 2:08)
A cat lands an interview at Corp Corp, the most coveted company in the city.

“In an Empty Wood” – Chia-Hsin Lee (2018 California 2:36)
A poetic animation on the jealousy of seeing someone succeed in a path you once considered.

“Limbo” – Jennifer Stachovic (2018 Illinois 5:21)
A lonely ghost girl, longing to cross over, befriends a mysterious phantom limb.

“Apple of My Eye” – Davide Benvenuti (2018 Singapore 5:50)
In a strange land, two creatures fight over the last scrap of food.

“I-Occupy” – Lorenzo Lodovichi (2018 Italy 2:25)
A political manifestation is unfolding.

“The Pushover” – Hailey Marshall (2016 California 2:55)
A woman’s attempts to say “no” are thwarted by some colorful fuzzy companions.

“Hoan Alone: Personal Stories from the Bridge” – Aaron Johnson (2018 United States 8:30)
An animated documentary exploring the issues of Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge and suicide through three intimate interviews.

“Hunter or Gatherer” – Fausto Montanari (2018 Italy 0:49)
Every day, by choice or by fate, each human being has to be a hunter or a gatherer.

“The Rougaroux” – Ana Vincent (2018 Michigan 2:10)
Take a midnight drive down the surreal streets of a haunted highway to discover a southern werewolf: a Rougaroux.

“The Long & Short” – Benjamin Windsor (2018 Colorado 4:41)
A lone sheriff wanders the vast western frontier in search of an outlaw.

“Filmesque” – Vincenzo De Sio and Walton Zed (Davide Capasso) (2018 Italy 2:46)
In this tribute to the cinema, the great film director Federico Fellini is in trouble with his camera and Totò ‘The Clown’ will help.

“Love Me, Fear Me” – Veronica Solomon (2018 Germany 6:06)
What would you be willing to do for them to love you?

“Pete the Peacock” – Amanda Low (2018 Canada 2:53)
Pete is a party loving peacock who parties hard as a way of escaping deep feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.

– – – INTERMISSION – – –

“Meat Wrapped In Dough” – Tracy Park (2018 California 2:00)
A light-hearted animated homage to delicious meat wrapped in tasty dough.

“The Land of the 3-Drink Minimum” – Jeremy Speed Schwartz (2018 New York 4:22)
Citizens desperately try to connect with each other, but are unable to see past their own desires or alcohol-soaked heads.

“L’Aria del Moscerino – Death of a Fruit Fly” – Lukas von Berg (2017 Germany 4:30)
A tiny fruit fly defies its impending death with physical strength and vocal power.

“FlyTrap” – Connor Bland (2018 California 6:55)
Charles falls into a germaphobic hysteria living under the unsanitary habits of his roommate.

“All the Things” – Chris Guyot and Paul McMahon (2017 Ireland 1:29)
A collection of individual narratives, unified by a cohesive style.

“Medium Rare” – Luca Cioci (2018 Italy 4:35)
Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.

“Unsighted” – Ruby Pettigrew (2018 Australia 3:30)
A young girl copes with the recent loss of her vision by connecting with the world in new ways.

“The Witch’s Mask” – Laura N-Tamara (2017 United Kingdom 4:31)
A story drawing on Indonesian folklore, themes of fatality and the ambivalence one can feel towards family.

“Linnae” – Celina Garrido Villafañe (2017 Puerto Rico 2:49)
After spending much time apart, Linnae and Sycamore rejoice once again till it is time to part ways.

“Sunup” – Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Hopwood (2018 Arizona 4:33)
In a lush tropical forest, a wacky firebird is pursued by a hermit with an intense hunting habit.

“Negative Spaces” – Michaela Wadzinski (2018 Nebraska 6:00)
What if your sketchbook drawings came to life?

2018 DIFA Animation Schedule

The Perm” – MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO (2017 Michigan 1min)
No longer Natural, this Monster is a Cold Wave of Destruction (and that’s No Lye)!

Why We Want a Dog” – Alison Locricchio (2017 Gorgia 2mins)
Max and Paulie are siblings yearning for one thing only: a pet dog, and decide to make a home video to show their parents that they do, indeed, deserve a dog.

“The End of the Line” – William Côgo (2016 Brazil 3mins)
Based on an awarded picture book, the story is about Brazilian animals standing in line. What is at the end of the line?

“Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 1)

“Rose on the Moon” – Panna Horvath-Molnar (2017 Hungary 2mins)
Hidden by the depth of night, small creatures roam the forest.

“As The Light Fades” – Justin Simonetti (2017 California 3mins)
An animation exploring death, the pain of loss, and the fear of meeting nothingness on the other side.

Outside” – Laura Norris (2017 California 5mins)
When a lonely little boy finds a strange creature in the woods, he must keep it a secret from his mom.

Stroke” – Jiani zhao , Emanuele Romano (2017 United Kingdom 5mins)
An old man recalls his experience of having a stroke with peculiar visions regarding himself and the reality around him.

“Stuck” – Whitney Walters (2017 Pennsylvania 6mins)
A blob tries to get a job in its respected, creative field.

“When Comes the Rain” – Brian Giovanni (2017 California 2mins)
The local birdbath is empty and the hot sun won’t let up, so one ambitious bird decides to tamper in God’s domain.

“TIS” – Chloë Lesueur (2016 France 9mins)
Here is our hero, TIS, as he struggles to free himself from the sheet of paper.

“Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 2)

Clay vs Animation” – Alako Myles (2017 Australia 5mins)
A group of four friends accidentally unleash an unwanted creation…

– – – INTERMISSION – – –

“Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 3)

Eggs With Legs” – Harrison Schaeffer (2017 Michigan 3mins)
An egg, a leg, another egg, another leg, a man, a dream, and an egg.

Glorious Victory” – Will Kim (2017 California 2mins)
A watercolor animated short about two beetles intensely fighting over a fig fruit.

Cocoon, Cocoon” – Ori Goldberg, Ilai Margulies (2018 Israel 7mins)
A fat, smug caterpillar doesn’t want to become a butterfly. In song and rhyme, the horrors of metamorphosis are revealed.

“Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 4)

“Framed” – Marco Jemolo (2017 Italy 7mins)
A noir animated short-film which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society.

“KOMØD” – Annick Buhr, Janina Schmidt, Annika Saum (2017 Germany 4mins)
Ole the Hotdog has bought a new commode but after assembling something is not as expected.

“Eon” – Nick Zweig (2017 New Jersey 6mins)
Rise and fall.

Ready to Fight” – Natasha Cánepa (2017 Georgia 2mins)
A princess’s desperate call for help is soon answered by a hero who is not prepared to defeat the enemy.

Pokey Pokey” – Junjie “Jake” Zhang (2016 United States/China 7mins)
A father attempts to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing filthiness of the crime-ridden city.

Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 5)

Duel ” – Alex Morgan (2017 United Kingdom 3mins)
A duel-crazed nobleman strives to uphold his honor by taking on the ultimate opponent – a starving orphan child.

Blow Job” – Robert Hemlich (2017 Michigan 4mins)
An inflatable tube man vies for the attention of his lady love.

2017 DIFA Animation Schedule

“Detroit Quattropus” – MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO (2015 Michigan 0:57)
Detroit Extraterrestrial in a Alien World.

“Living With Dog” – Johanna Oswald (2016 Michigan 2:01)
A film about a dog, two cats, and life together.

Inside Job” – Qi DENG (2016 New York 1:30)
Machines have taken over so many human jobs. Every occupation, however, has its hazards.

Icky” – Parastoo Cardgar (2017 Iran 5:55)
In the world of people with Rubik’s cube head, there is a kid who is different from the others…

Extrapolate” – Johan Rijpma (2016 Netherlands / Japan 2:00)
A straight ahead animation beyond observation.

Scary Story” – Joseph Paone, Midrell Fitzgerald (2016 Texas 1:00)
A little girl tells us her idea of a scary story.

“Panic Attack!” – Eileen O’Meara (2016 Florida 3:20)
A hand-drawn animation exploring anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.

The Moment” – Karis Oh (2016 New York 2:29)
An artist learns about the importance of things unseen as she gets to draw a stranger’s portrait.

“Projection” – Beryl Allee (2016 Oregon 5:40)
Everyone projects their biases onto others. Danny just does it literally.

Cube” – Jun Yang (2016 New York 1:48)
A story of a little boy try to finish his drawing assignment.

Satellite ” – Sungwon Moon (2016 New York 2:59)
An astronaut named Ema struggles between the harshness of reality and the emptiness of a virtual world.

Treasure Nest” – Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien, Allison Botkin, Mike Bourbeau (2014 New Jersey 5:09)
The adventures of Blue and Peanut in search of hidden riches.

BAMF” – Carmine LaMorte,Daniel Scheg,Francisco Dias (2016 New York 4:02)
Having finally come of age, a young adventurer sets off to conquer the Dungeon of Doom.

“Papa Pasquale” – JC Little (2015 Canada 4:23)
A young man dreaming of adventure, Pasquale leaves his family in the olive groves of southern Italy, and heads to Canada to build a new life.

Say What!: A Geriatric Proposal” – Aaron Weinstein / Rescue Dog Films (2016 New York 5:31)
At a post-concert reception, a young jazz musician tries to survive aggressive grannies and other terrifying beasts.


PUSH IT 4000!” – Yugo Limbo, Omar Romolino (2016 Michigan 3:38)

Monk of Milkweed” – Harrison Schaeffer (2017 Michigan 3:24)
Milky monk makes meek marks in muck.

Schirkoa” – Ishan Shukla (2016 India 13:31)
In the city of bag-heads, a senate member faces a tough choice between political career, brothels and love for a mysterious woman.

Oh, Those Kittens!” – Joel Benjamin (2015 Illinios 2:46)
A close examination of life as a cat.

Luscious” – Xuecheng Xu (2016 New York 1:30)
A look at human nature, human instinct and the power of imagination.

Unmasked” – Alice Gavish, Christina Faraj (2016 New York 4:47)
A young boy who embarks on a journey after the sudden loss of his father.

Adam” – Evelyn Jane Ross (2016 New Mexico 2:27)
In the beginning of them, She created us.

Raising A Nuisance” – Stevie Quigley, Jason McCullough, Justin Hoffman, Danielle Raymond (2016 Michigan 2:16)
A Necromancer tries to raise an army of the undead, but unwittingly only revives one campy skeleton.

“Poochini” – Max Colson (2016 New York 3:40)
A man has a mental breakdown in the shower when his deepest fear confronts him.

Hum” – Tom Teller (2015 California 8:30)
A solitary dish washing robot living out his life in the back room of a restaurant is enlightened to the world that exists beyond his four walls.

2016 DIFA Animations Schedule

$5 – MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO (2015 Michigan 1min)
$5!? $5!? YOU MFKN Right!!

Neighbourhood Yokai – Fuyuka Kato (2016 Japan 1min)
A short animation of some Yokai in my neighborhood. Yokai are Japanese monsters born from folk beliefs. 

Haiku 9:TRADE – Lyle Pisio (2016 Canada 4min)
In a twist on the old “sell your soul to the devil” gag, Andrew is offered his heart’s desire for a bit of his youth.

One Too Many – Sinead Stoddart (2015 United Kingdom 2min)
When a drunken night out gets the better of him, Joe’s inner self steps in to set him on the road to recovery where a killer hangover awaits.

The Big The Bad and The Bunny – Minji Sohn, Laura Talaway (2015 New York 3min)
The dispute between Gangster Rhino and Penguin Squad come to climax when the Penguins kidnap the Rhino’s pet Bunny.

Le Pain de l’Amour – Christine Barron (2016 California 2min)
A homicidal baguette seeks revenge and is really on a roll with bread puns.

Look the Other Way – Karl Jahnke (2016 Tennessee 2min)
A bird is content with its life until it is forced to abandon its home due to rising water levels and journeys from sanctuary to sanctuary. 

The Orchestra – Mikey Hill (2015 Australia 15min)
In a word filled with beautiful harmonious music, Vernon always seems to strike the wrong note. 

Party Fowl – Harrison Schaeffer (2015 Michigan 1min)
Bird dad provides for his family. 

Si Lunchai – Hannes Rall (2014 Singapore 9min)
The poor yet smart trickster Si Lunchai triumphs over the cruel king in an adaptation of an Indonesian legend inspired by the style of the Asian shadow puppet play.

The Shipwreck Interview – Joe Uebie (2015 Michigan 1min)
Interview with the captain who saved a shipwrecked man. 

Que Asco – Robert Curtis Randolph, Robert Charlie Daugherty (2015 United States 3min)
Two expertly sophisticated gourmands extol upon the intricate subtleties of their gustatory prepossessions, all in easy-to-digest Spanish.


Fruit – Gerhard Funk (2015 Germany 7min)
A play of shapes illustrating the dialog between vibrating entities of black and white constantly being split apart and reconciled by red in a choreography of forms and figures. 

DISPATCH – Min Hwa Jung, John Seppala (2015 New York 3min)
The story of a man racing against time to rescue the one he loves.

Stand Still – Jongwoo Choi (2015 South Korea 3min)
A girl with a robotic arm fights against the dystopian society of her time, even if it often means having to take the harder way. 

Silence of the Siren – Liz McQuaid Martin (2015 Pennsylvania 3min)
Dr. Bertram details his conflict with a captive mermaid he holds in his basement as his attempts to control the creature are met with intense but passive resistance.

Chinese Princess – Tomas Bases (2015 Spain 6min)
The wheel of reincarnation transforms us through time into all kinds of living beings. To be born and to die to be born again.

Creatures – Tessa Moult-Milewska (2015 Poland 10min)
A grotesque love story about two caricatures of people, trying to face social ostracism.

Mijndert – Janneke Swinkels, Tim Frijsinger (2015 Netherlands 5min)
A young man from the South of the Netherlands is about to begin his first working day in the mines.

The Idea Thief – Dani P Alava, Juan Lozano (2016 Spain 6min)
A burglar has some special googles that allows him to see other’s people ideas floating in their heads and take them for his own selfish benefit.

Military Men: Seize The Snow Mountain Castle – Philip Helander, Gottfrid Helander (2016 Sweden 5min)
A group of American soldiers are on a special mission to stop the Nazis from getting nuclear weapons.

The Misadventures of Chubzilla – Dominik Koscinski, Elizabeth Lee (2015 New York 4min)
A story about an insatiable monster that devours everything in sight until a three-headed nemesis comes between him and his candy-land paradise.

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