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Fri Apr 06: Expo 6pm to 12mid with Screenings 7pm & 9pm
Sat Apr 07: Expo 4pm to 12mid with Screenings 5pm, 7pm & 9pm

2018 DIFA Animation Schedule

May we present to you, the animations and animators of the 3rd annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (in screening order):

“The Perm” – MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO (2017 Michigan 1min)
No longer Natural, this Monster is a Cold Wave of Destruction (and that’s No Lye)!

“Why We Want a Dog” – Alison Locricchio (2017 Gorgia 2mins)
Max and Paulie are siblings yearning for one thing only: a pet dog, and decide to make a home video to show their parents that they do, indeed, deserve a dog.

“The End of the Line” – William Côgo (2016 Brazil 3mins)
Based on an awarded picture book, the story is about Brazilian animals standing in line. What is at the end of the line?

“Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 1)

“Rose on the Moon” – Panna Horvath-Molnar (2017 Hungary 2mins)
Hidden by the depth of night, small creatures roam the forest.

“As The Light Fades” – Justin Simonetti (2017 California 3mins)
An animation exploring death, the pain of loss, and the fear of meeting nothingness on the other side.

“Outside” – Laura Norris (2017 California 5mins)
When a lonely little boy finds a strange creature in the woods, he must keep it a secret from his mom.

“Stroke” – Jiani zhao , Emanuele Romano (2017 United Kingdom 5mins)
An old man recalls his experience of having a stroke with peculiar visions regarding himself and the reality around him.

“Stuck” – Whitney Walters (2017 Pennsylvania 6mins)
A blob tries to get a job in its respected, creative field.

“When Comes the Rain” – Brian Giovanni (2017 California 2mins)
The local birdbath is empty and the hot sun won’t let up, so one ambitious bird decides to tamper in God’s domain.

“TIS” – Chloë Lesueur (2016 France 9mins)
Here is our hero, TIS, as he struggles to free himself from the sheet of paper.

“Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 2)

“Clay vs Animation” – Alako Myles (2017 Australia 5mins)
A group of four friends accidentally unleash an unwanted creation…

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“Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 3)

“Eggs With Legs” – Harrison Schaeffer (2017 Michigan 3mins)
An egg, a leg, another egg, another leg, a man, a dream, and an egg.

“Glorious Victory” – Will Kim (2017 California 2mins)
A watercolor animated short about two beetles intensely fighting over a fig fruit.

“Cocoon, Cocoon” – Ori Goldberg, Ilai Margulies (2018 Israel 7mins)
A fat, smug caterpillar doesn’t want to become a butterfly. In song and rhyme, the horrors of metamorphosis are revealed.

“Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 4)

“Framed” – Marco Jemolo (2017 Italy 7mins)
A noir animated short-film which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society.

“KOMØD” – Annick Buhr, Janina Schmidt, Annika Saum (2017 Germany 4mins)
Ole the Hotdog has bought a new commode but after assembling something is not as expected.

“Eon” – Nick Zweig (2017 New Jersey 6mins)
Rise and fall.

“Ready to Fight” – Natasha Cánepa (2017 Georgia 2mins)
A princess’s desperate call for help is soon answered by a hero who is not prepared to defeat the enemy.

“Pokey Pokey” – Junjie “Jake” Zhang (2016 United States/China 7mins)
A father attempts to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing filthiness of the crime-ridden city.

“Obah-chan” – Paul Thurwachter (2018 California 1min)
The daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (Ep 5)

“Duel ” – Alex Morgan (2017 United Kingdom 3mins)
A duel-crazed nobleman strives to uphold his honor by taking on the ultimate opponent – a starving orphan child.

“Blow Job” – Robert Hemlich (2017 Michigan 4mins)
An inflatable tube man vies for the attention of his lady love.

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3rd Annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (DIFA 3)
Fri April 06 2018 – Expo 6p-midnight, Showtimes 7p & 9p
Sat April 07 2018 – Expo 4p-midnight, Showtimes 5p, 7p & 9p

Tangent Gallery/Hastings Ballroom, 715 E Milwaukee, Detroit

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