Presenting the 2023 DIFA Animations & Animators


2023 DIFA Animations & Animators

May we present to you, the animations and animators of the 8th annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (not in screening order):

“A Love Story Between Two Hands” – Qinru Zhang (2020 Rhode Island 00:56)
When two hands fall in love, they find each other inseparate yet incompatible.

“Achroma” – Sarah Steidle (2022 New Jersey 03:55)
Amidst a colorful world, a young woman living in shades of gray keeps to herself in fear of spreading it to others, until she finds a persistent companion.

“Balloonman” – Jin Liu (2020 Germany 07:14)
Take part in the daily routines of an average Balloon family: the pursuit of dreams, striving for higher ideals and drifting to an unknown future.

“Curiosa” – Tessa Moult-Milewska (2022 United Kingdom 09:30)
An overly curious Mary visits her boyfriend’s flat for the first time and discovers it’s been stripped bare of all personal belongings.

“Horns” – Luke Bouwhuis (2022 Netherlands 05:14)
An antelope remembers why he became a trucker.

“I AM DUCK” – Nick Zweig (2021 New York 12:26)
Dumped out into a desert, a sardonic and oblivious duck plunges headlong into a quest for bread.

“Making Art In America, 2020-2021” – Angie Wang (2022 California 01:22)
A surreal depiction of life during the pandemic for an artist.

“Mixed Signals” – Thomas van Kampen (2022 Canada 10:23)
A little robot comes to find out it’s very different from all the other kids.

“Mourning Routine” – Rey Tabandeh (2022 Canada 02:40)
Two undead halves of a once-human whole: an uncoordinated zombie and a methodical ghost fumble their way through a domestic routine.

“Pour Generation” – Patrick Smith (2022 New York 03:41)
A winsome mutation is shunned by a homogeneous tribe of siblings.

“Rest In Piece” – Antoine Antabi (2022 France 09:35)
Midyan decides to run away from his war-torn home and packs his bag with objects that remind him of his loved ones to embark on a journey into the unknown.

“Self In Progress” – Kayla Lehman (2022 Georgia 04:01)
A young woman’s experience with anxiety and mental illness and her journey of healing through acceptance and self-compassion.

“Something Special” – Jisoo Kim (2022 Canada 02:47)
A painter who is ambitious to make a masterpiece gets in a slump because his eagerness became an obsession.

“Spoon” – Arthur Chays (2022 France 03:00)
To escape from everyday life, it’s very simple: you need a ladder and a spoon. But is it really that easy ?

“The Gift” – Julian Tapprich (2022 Austria 00:41)
A portrait of a man who gets surprised with a gift.

“The RatRodFormers” – Aliaksandr Sasha Kanavalau, Maciej Żuk (2022 Poland 02:20)
Three friends from the junkyard, transformed into humanoid figures, try to lead a normal life in a “human” reality.

“The Space Between Us” – Julianne Martin (2023 California 02:43)
A lonely spaceman’s desire for company may be about to come true when a mysterious ship arrives at his space station.

“The Spark” – Artem Shcherbakov, Otar Berov (2022 Georgia 02:48)
An opponent, pressure from stands and feelings of fear make a young boxer doubt his abilities.

“The Vase” – Am Stevens (2022 Michigan 01:50)
When roommate Ryder brings home a strange looking vase from an antique store, Dallas comes face to face with what has been sleeping within.

“Violet Noise” – Stefania Balzarotti, Leonor Lavradio, Matthew Joyce (2022 Spain 05:18)
For young Violet it is the moment to face her worst fear: the fear of invariably creating something wrong, in front of the eyes of others.

“WAVEE” – Sooah Kang (2022 Republic of Korea 03:22)
Although getting enough sleep is crucial for day-to-day life, It’s often neglected.

“Zombies of Harper Ave – MCR/Electric Otto” (2022 Michigan 00:59)
High Gas Prices make us catch the Bus but another Monster is catching Us!

8th Annual Detroit International Festival of Animation

Saturday May 6 2023 – Senate Theater – Detroit

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