THANK YOU ALL for allowing us to come into your homes with our free streaming of our 5th annual animation festival! We truly hope you enjoyed the show and that it provided some fun in these socially isolating times.

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We would also like to sincerely thank all the talented animators in allowing us to share their wonderful animations for all to enjoy (see names & links further below). πŸŽžοΈπŸ’œ

And much thanks to the Senate Theater (our initial venue) for working with us through the sudden changes and hosting the fun live Facebook watch party. πŸΏπŸ’œ

And finally, but not least, a huge caffeinated thank you to all who bought us a coffee in support of our work! β˜•πŸ’œ (you can still support us at the button below)

And now, some fun stats from YouTube analytics:

  • We had a total 544 views!
  • 68% viewed on YouTube
  • 75% viewed from Michigan
  • 43% via cell, 41% computer, 9% TVs

THANK YOU DIFA 5 ANIMATORS! Please visit their links to see more from these wonderful artists:

β€’ Aidan McAteer (Streets of Fury)
β€’ Brogan Jones (Critical Update)
β€’ Caroline Hamann (Criss Cross)
β€’ Chelsey Raegen Knapp (Boxes for Rox)
β€’ Dana Sink (Wind)
β€’ David Donar (Blue Note)
β€’ Ecaterina Saraeva/Lev Voloshin (The Flat)
β€’ Isaias Zai Gallardo (The Glowing Wrath (Shortcut to Heck))
β€’ Jared D. Weiss (Frog Dog Log)
β€’ Jon Wilson/Claire Campbell (Winter’s Blight)
β€’ Manuel Moreno Lee (Lumens)
β€’ MCR Electric Otto (La Pesadilla)
β€’ Neely Goniodsky (Inhale/Exhale)
β€’ Oded Hesseg (Dump and restore)
β€’ Olivia Jensen (Waiting By The Phone)
β€’ Patradol Kitcharoen (Go! Go!)
β€’ Selina Wagner (A Dog By Your Side)
β€’ Tom Denney (Going Home)
β€’ Yumeng Xi (The Insignificant Fantasies in the Cracks of Daily Life)
β€’ Zach Christy (Calls for Archie)

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