Below is an archive of past animations and animators featured at the Detroit International Festival of Animation.  Click the links to view the films online, where available.  You may also watch a few of them on the viewer below from the DIFA Film Channel.

2016 DIFA Animators & Animations

$5 – MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO (2015 Michigan 1min)
$5!? $5!? YOU MFKN Right!!

Neighbourhood Yokai – Fuyuka Kato (2016 Japan 1min)
A short animation of some Yokai in my neighborhood. Yokai are Japanese monsters born from folk beliefs. 

Haiku 9:TRADE – Lyle Pisio (2016 Canada 4min)
In a twist on the old “sell your soul to the devil” gag, Andrew is offered his heart’s desire for a bit of his youth.

One Too Many – Sinead Stoddart (2015 United Kingdom 2min)
When a drunken night out gets the better of him, Joe’s inner self steps in to set him on the road to recovery where a killer hangover awaits.

The Big The Bad and The Bunny – Minji Sohn, Laura Talaway (2015 New York 3min)
The dispute between Gangster Rhino and Penguin Squad come to climax when the Penguins kidnap the Rhino’s pet Bunny.

Le Pain de l’Amour – Christine Barron (2016 California 2min)
A homicidal baguette seeks revenge and is really on a roll with bread puns.

Look the Other Way – Karl Jahnke (2016 Tennessee 2min)
A bird is content with its life until it is forced to abandon its home due to rising water levels and journeys from sanctuary to sanctuary. 

The Orchestra – Mikey Hill (2015 Australia 15min)
In a word filled with beautiful harmonious music, Vernon always seems to strike the wrong note. 

Party Fowl – Harrison Schaeffer (2015 Michigan 1min)
Bird dad provides for his family. 

Si Lunchai – Hannes Rall (2014 Singapore 9min)
The poor yet smart trickster Si Lunchai triumphs over the cruel king in an adaptation of an Indonesian legend inspired by the style of the Asian shadow puppet play.

The Shipwreck Interview – Joe Uebie (2015 Michigan 1min)
Interview with the captain who saved a shipwrecked man. 

Que Asco – Robert Curtis Randolph, Robert Charlie Daugherty (2015 United States 3min)
Two expertly sophisticated gourmands extol upon the intricate subtleties of their gustatory prepossessions, all in easy-to-digest Spanish.


Fruit – Gerhard Funk (2015 Germany 7min)
A play of shapes illustrating the dialog between vibrating entities of black and white constantly being split apart and reconciled by red in a choreography of forms and figures. 

DISPATCH – Min Hwa Jung, John Seppala (2015 New York 3min)
The story of a man racing against time to rescue the one he loves.

Stand Still – Jongwoo Choi (2015 South Korea 3min)
A girl with a robotic arm fights against the dystopian society of her time, even if it often means having to take the harder way. 

Silence of the Siren – Liz McQuaid Martin (2015 Pennsylvania 3min)
Dr. Bertram details his conflict with a captive mermaid he holds in his basement as his attempts to control the creature are met with intense but passive resistance.

Chinese Princess – Tomas Bases (2015 Spain 6min)
The wheel of reincarnation transforms us through time into all kinds of living beings. To be born and to die to be born again.

Creatures – Tessa Moult-Milewska (2015 Poland 10min)
A grotesque love story about two caricatures of people, trying to face social ostracism.

Mijndert – Janneke Swinkels, Tim Frijsinger (2015 Netherlands 5min)
A young man from the South of the Netherlands is about to begin his first working day in the mines.

The Idea Thief – Dani P Alava, Juan Lozano (2016 Spain 6min)
A burglar has some special googles that allows him to see other’s people ideas floating in their heads and take them for his own selfish benefit.

Military Men: Seize The Snow Mountain Castle – Philip Helander, Gottfrid Helander (2016 Sweden 5min)
A group of American soldiers are on a special mission to stop the Nazis from getting nuclear weapons.

The Misadventures of Chubzilla – Dominik Koscinski, Elizabeth Lee (2015 New York 4min)
A story about an insatiable monster that devours everything in sight until a three-headed nemesis comes between him and his candy-land paradise.

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